Medical Oncology Department (Thoracic Unit)

IGR is a leading cancer center in Europe, gathering an impressive number of health care providers, and researchers in the field of cancer. The department of medical oncology with its phase I unit plays a key role in the early assessment of novel strategies. The contribution of this partner to thoracic oncology is outstanding and has become even stronger in recent years with the development of a well-structured personalized medicine program, together with a  research program on biomarkers.


Key staff of the partner

Pr Jean-Charles Soria (MD, Ph D) Head of Phase I Unit

Dr Benjamin Besse (MD, PhD), Head of Thoracic Unit

Dr Thierry Le Chevalier (MD), Head of IOT (Thoracic Institut of Oncology: IGR and Surgical Center Marie-Lannelongue)

Dr David Planchard, Thoracic oncologist (MD, PhD), Full time hospital practitioner Thoracic Unit