Department of Medical Oncology

Institute of Oncology Bucharest is the main cancer hospital in Romania, including oncologic surgery, radiation therapy and medical oncology dept. A thoracic  surgery department with 34 beds is in charge of the patients with thoracic malignancies. The institution is able to provide accurate diagnostic work up, including pathology and immunohistochemistry, an adequate surgical treatment for patients with mesothelioma and to deliver radiation therapy and chemotherapy for patients in advanced stage.


Key staff of the partner

Dr. Mircea Dediu. Medical degrees and academic titles: medical oncology senior consultant, PhD, senior scientific researcher. Current position: chief of Medical Oncology Department. Full member of international societies: ESMO (former national representative for Romania), ASCO, IASLC. He is deeply involved in both clinical and research areas, with the major interest lung cancer. He participated as a principal investigator in more than 30 international clinical trials testing various innovative molecules, including targeted agents, in patients with different stages of small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Dr Dediu’s research contribution in the field of lung cancer can be retrieved from the 31 full text papers published in prestigious international journals like The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Lung cancer, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Journal of BUON. He contributed as first author and co-author in 5 books addressing various aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Due to his expertise in the field of lung cancer, he was invited as a speaker in many conferences and symposiums located in Romania and abroad (The Balkan school of Oncology 2005, 2007, Volos, Greece, Central European Lung cancer Conference 2006,Prague, Czech Rep, European Respiratory Society Annual Congress, 2012, Vienna). Dr Dediu is also member of several international lung cancer cooperative groups like South East Europe Oncology WG, EURIT NSCLC WG.