Department of  Translational Medicine - DMT

Department of  Translational Medicine of the University of Eastern Piedmont is a University department devoted to research and medical education, with laboratory and clinical activity. Public Health, Medical Statistics and Epidemiology are a cornerstone of the activity of the department. Resources include resources for conservation of biological samples and genetic and laboratory analysis.


Key staff of the partner

Prof. Corrado Magnani MD has been active in the fields of asbestos related neoplasm and of the effects of occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos for many years. Current studies include

  1. the analysis of the geographical distribution of the risk of mesothelioma, with focus on environmental exposure,
  2. the analysis of mesothelioma risk after cessation of asbestos exposure,
  3. the evaluation (on a population-basis) of the interaction of asbestos exposure with DNA repair polymorphism in the etiology of malignant mesothelioma, and
  4. survival and clinical epidemiology of malignant mesothelioma.

He participated in the II Italian Consensus Conference on Malignant Mesothelioma (Turin, 25-26 November 2011) and coordinated, in association with Dario Mirabelli and others the section on Public Health and Epidemiology. He cooperates with the national mesothelioma registry (ReNaM).


Co-workers include:

Dr. Daniela Ferrante MS (Statistics) and will participate in the project in respect to statistical analyses;

Dr. Dario Mirabelli MD who coordinates the Mesotelioma Registry of Piedmont.

They both co-authored several papers on mesothelioma, asbestos exposure and clinical epidemiology of malignant mesothelioma.