Department of Pulmonary Diseases

VUmc-Cancer Centre Amsterdam is one of the main cancer research institutes in the Netherlands. All Departments have a longstanding tradition in translational research for thoracic cancer patients. The multidisciplinary approach is a clinical standard, which is one of the focal points of the VUmc.-CCA. The Dept. Pulmonary Diseases has an internationally renowned experience in studies on optimal treatment of thoracic cancer and MPM patients and cooperate with several networks in Europe.


Key staff of the partner

Prof. Dr. E.F. Smit, Pulmonology,

Prof. Dr P.E. Postmus, Pulmonology,

Prof. Dr. G.J. Peters, Medical Oncology,

Prof. Dr. S. Senan, Radiotherapist, Dr. K.J. Hartemink, Lung Surgery, Dr. F.B.J. Thunnissen, Pathology.